Thursday, April 11, 2013

Go Big Red!

Its 3:14 am

     Just wanted to share this amazing moment...7 year old cancer patient Jack Hoffman proves he has what it takes to overcome and beat cancer. Nebraska football player Rex Burkhead,who has become Jack's biggest fan,helped arrange not only a on the field experience but also a chance for Jack to show his running skills. Led by Nebraska's huge offensive line and a roaring Big Red crowd,Jack took the snap and sprinted 69 yards into the end zone (of course the Huskers could have used Jack last year against Wisconsin) helping the Red defeat the White team in the annual Spring Game.

Speaking as a San Jose State fan....I sure hope we get a chance to recruit this future All-American tailback at some point!

Special shout-out to Coach Bo Pelini,Rex Burkhead,the Big Ten Network and the awesome fans of Nebraska,the nation's best fans.


  1. I talked to a Pastor friend of mine sharing Lori needed prayer. He told me his wife was healed of cancer in the female organs last year.
    I've had the honor of playing at two different churches the pass two Sunday which I have given Lori's name for prayer.
    How can those who care help you and Lori besides prayers and sending cards ?

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