Saturday, June 14, 2014

Randomness (aka a update)

Its 6:38 pm

   52 minutes before I leave for work and its a gloomy day outside,hot and humid. Summer is creeping into SE Michigan. Another restless night as the melatonin is helping me sleep but I need a new CPAP mask as my current one is slowly fading into the sunset. I still am waking up with me looking for Lori sleeping besides me and still jarred when she isn't.
  You would think after a year a person would know better but as I told someone today,my brain does better but my heart does not and so every day starts off on a sad note...

Its 3:21 am

    Home in the den,drinking  cold green tea and listening to ESPN Radio on our area's new sports radio station (which sucks,the Ticket is so much better) talk about the NBA Finals.
  This will be sort of a rambling kind of blog,my thoughts are disjointed despite the quiet in the house. Paladin keeps darting in the room,meows once then flies down the stairs, I have opened the window and he is very happy about that,add in some treats and he is one spoiled cheetah.

  I like to thank all of you for supporting my interview with Brian Remo. It has become my second most viewed "8 Questions with...." interview and I am noticing my interviews do pretty well on here. I think that is more the people I talk with...there are a lot of interesting folks out here in the world.
  And you are still supporting my interview with Tim Teets of o73 Films which since the interview,has started a website and is filming a documentary about Elmira,New York. I will list the website at the bottom of the entry.

   Caught a listen to Mike White and Robert St. Mary's podcast,"The Projection Booth" this past week. The Projection Booth podcast takes a closer look at past films and features in-depth interviews with folks involved in the movie. The movie they covered this week was Michael Mann's "Manhunter" which was adopted from Thomas Harris's "Red Dragon".
   Red Dragon was our introduction to Hannibal Lector and 33 years later the character is imprinted in American culture. A new series is now on NBC which is exploring Lector's slow decline into madness and mayhem. Lector is no anti-hero,he could be looked at as a modern day boogeyman.
  Now while I think Mann naming his film Manhunter was ill advised,it was a good,tight suspenseful effort. It was very well cast with William Petersen as Will Graham,the FBI profiler who while catching Lector,was nearly killed by him. The late Dennis Farina played Jack Crawford,his boss,whose attention is torn between catching The Tooth Fairy,a killer who is wiping out whole families,keeping a eye on Graham,who is on the edge on this,his first case back since almost being killed. To make matters worse,Crawford's wife is dying..
The great Brian Cox is Hannibal Lector,who played him in a very restrained way,watching Graham and Lector play mental chess was the real hook of the book despite Lector being a minor character in the book.
  I really enjoyed listening to the podcast and learned quite a bit about the movie. I recommend listening to the Projection Booth but be aware,these podcasts do run long.
  Now while my suggestion for a podcast of "Godzilla vs. Megalon" was denied...I did plant a suggestion in Mike's head about doing a episode about a classic Gene Hackman movie called "The Conversation" which is one of the best films Hackman made.

   Decided I am going to go on a diet,I have gained 15 pounds since Lori passed away and I am really feeling very sluggish these days. During the final weeks I developed a series of two warts on each foot in the same exact spots. I think these were stressed related and despite trying OTC methods,they persisted and grew. They became very painful and it was all I could do to complete my a year later,I still have them but they have callused over and don't really hurt unless they are directly touched.
  Basically I can now walk again...and so I am going to restart my walking. program. Started already to quit drinking soda and limiting the coffee to just special times. My good friend Sue,who hung out with me while I did some light shopping,said that coffee prices are going to start going up because of a illness in the crops in South America.
   I wonder if its the same illness that is causing the gas prices to go back over 4.00 just as summer is going to kick off.
  I just looked at this as a incentive to quit a little sooner. I am getting rather hooked on the green tea anyways.

  As I am typing this,I am reading that former Pittsburgh Steeler head coach Chuck Noll has passed away at 82. Coach Noll led the Steelers to four Super Bowl titles while coaching the best team in NFL history. Many times the Super Bowl wins were almost secondary compared to the bitter rivalry that was the Raiders-Steelers.
   Watching Noll led teams,you were assured of two things.....a pounding running game and the best hitting defense alive. Later on,Noll adapted to the passing game and allowed Terry Bradshaw to showcase that great arm of his. Chuck retired in 1991 and handed the reins to Bill Cowher and quietly withdrew from public life.

 To listen to the The Projection Booth Podcast just click on the link or look to the right side of my blog
under the "Blogs I Follow" list. I have recently updated it by adding fresh voices as some of the folks I had been following have quit writing.

To get updates from Tim Teets and o73 Films again,just click on the link.

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Well that is it for now,I don't have a lot to say this entry but as soon as I post this,I am going out for a walk.

Shout outs

John and Lakeisha - Congratulations again and my one piece of wisdom to you both is,always hold hands wherever you are!
Chuck Noll - always the classiest coach. Never will be forgotten.
Monte- Thanks for adding Snowball into the Rat Pack.
Roxanna - Let me know when you watch the movie I recommended.
Char - Thanks again for the DVD prize! Hope you continue to get stronger
Mike and Robert - awesome job,looking forward to "American Mary"
Anyone who is reading this....would love to trade for a copy of the Neverwhere mini-series,I have movies/books to trade.
The Fluffy Sisters - just because.
Sue - glad to see the Cooking Channel still features COOKING!!


  1. Thank you sir for your support. Also to everyone who has read my interview it is great appericated..
    Tim Teets
    o73 Films

    1. The honor was all mine,Tim. I love your DIY spirit being a old punk rock guy back in my heyday....looking forward to the Elmira Pop documentary.

  2. What a neat blog post! Good luck losing that weight, and getting healthy! That is a tough thing to do, but it is so worth it in the end. I really liked your shout outs to other people, what a neat, and personal touch. Hope you enjoy your weekend!

    1. Thank you Bethany,so glad you enjoyed my blog. My buddy Scorpion started doing shout outs to each other when we first started blogging and I just expanded on it.

  3. I hope I can be at the gym too this month, I've been planning to get this fat out lol. Thank you for the great post and RIP Coach Noll.

    1. can you take my fat with you? *L*

  4. I'm glad you're determined to walk. I believe that's the best form of exercise. We need to walk to live. Grief takes a long time to fade. I send you my empathy. I admire the way you're getting on with your life. Visiting from Blogger's Corner.

    1. Walking is one of my favorite things feet are just now ready to get going....yay feet!

  5. Hi Michael,
    Thank you for the updates. Good for you taking initiative with your BMI. Mine is not so great either. It sounds like it's hard to forget that Lori's not there. So sorry for that ongoing challenge. I hope you learn how to thrive from this point on. Writing is a great way to make that journey. Blessings~

    1. I won't thrive,one doesn't do that after such a life changing event but one work on helping others and reminding folks that only kindness matters

  6. I look forward to reading the interview. Good luck to you.

    1. Hi Zulema,you can find my other interviews by clicking on the Labels on the bottom of the on "8 Questions with...."

  7. Thanks for sharing your varied experiences. So much here that can bless anyone. For me, it's your desire to move forward with your weight loss and the interviews. I agree that interviewing different people can be a real learning experience. Don Purdum

  8. I remember reading "Red Dragon" back in the day, but I don't think I've ever seen that movie. I will have to do something about that IMMEDIATELY!!

    Good luck with the walking. If you find those warts are giving you trouble, have them removed! My daughter is a dancer and had a huge wart removed from her foot and it was the best thing she ever did! Good luck!! --Lisa