Friday, August 3, 2012

Planes,chickens and fast food

Its 1:40 pm

    Another hot summer day in SE Michigan. Its been a summer to remember as far as the heat goes,that is for sure. But you can tell by two signs that fall is almost upon us....the political robocalls are increasing and its almost college football time!
   I know,I know.....I always get geeked for the upcoming San Jose State season....until we get our breakfast,lunch,dinner and late night Taco Bell run handed to us in the first game. It takes a little steam out of a fan when his/her favorite school gets drilled by 40 points.
  While I am hopeful that we won't take any beatings like that,I do think SJSU does have a legit shot at winning the last season of the Western Athletic Conference and getting to a bowl game.
  And of course the political fever is now in full effect with Obama and Mittens waging a bitter yet somewhat disconnected battle to become the figurehead of Big Business aka the One Percent. And of course all the local talking heads are only now making their only public appearances begging for votes which is the ONLY time they care what the public has to say. Full of empty promises and lies,ads filling our mail boxes with negative attack pieces....yep,fall is now upon us.

   This weekend is the annual airshow "Thunder Over Michigan". Its a two day show that takes place about 15 miles from our house. The past two years we have had a great show right in our backyard as we have seen several F-18s fly over us.

This year is a little different,the Navy is not flying a program this year,they are allowing a single static F-18 SuperHornet at the show. This year has a more throwback feel to it as it featureS over 20 P-51s,the best fighter of World War II

   I have already seen at least four Mustangs fly over our house,while completely bad ass,it just doesn't quite compare to seeing F-18s blitz across the sky! The show also will feature a couple of B-17s as well.

But the real buzz will center around a pair of jet fighters this as a F-86 Sabre and the only privately owned Sea Harrier (which is still in use by the Marine Corps) will be taking part of the show. Haven't seen either of those jets as of yet but the day is still early...

The F-86

The BAE Sea Harrier

Plus there will be a huge World War II battle reenactment featuring a Panzer battlegroup (including armor) and an American force. Plenty of tanks,tank destroyers and other vehicles will be display for the public. The proceeds help the Yankee Air Museum raise funds to help restore old warbirds. A few years ago,a huge fire destroyed several planes and shut the museum down for a long time. But it has it made a nice comeback and this airshow is very popular. While Lori is working early Sunday,I am hoping my neighbor Al will want to motor out and take in the show....

  I was channel surfing the other day and ran across Morgan Spurlock's acclaimed 2004 film "Super Size Me". I had never seen it so I decided to watch it for a while before heading to work. And I was just blown just how horrible McDonald's crap really is. For those who may not have seen it as well the premise is pretty simple: Spurlock eats and drinks nothing but food from McDonald's for a month. He has to eat every item on the menu and if the Mickey D's employee asks him if he wants it super sized,he has to to say yes.
   Morgan started out as a happy go lucky 184 pounder when he started,by the 17th day he was at 203 and was showing serious health issues. I didn't get to finish it but have added this movie to my "bargain bin watch"so I can see how much weight he finally gained.

   Going to have wrap this up....Lori had a port flush today,she is doing very well and we are on track to have a good visit with Dr. Johnston. A clean PT scan will enable us to look forward to get that port removed and get back to doing everything we want to do.
   Just got my answers back for my next "8 Questions with....." interview and I'm pretty damn excited about it...and think you'll be as well.
  What is a Chick-a-Fil anyways? Don't think we have them here in Michigan....not that it matters anyways since we only eat fast food chicken 1-2 a year anyways. But with all the hoopla being driven towards it by the media,you know the company is secretly overjoyed by the coverage as it spark a surge in sales. Chickens may be unhappy but what can you do?

And as far as Dan Cathy's opinion goes.....he has every right to voice it,not everything that is said is always agreed on. But we all have to support the right to express it...if you don't agree with his stance,just take your business elsewhere. Staging "kiss-ins" is just so much classless bullshit...and changes nothing. But taking your money to say Popeye's or Kentucky Fried Chicken will catch the stockholder's attention much more then showboating for the TV cameras.

Like to wish Lisa Ann Walter a very Happy Birthday!
Like to send warm vibes to Michelle,Laurel and Candye who are battling some serious health issues and need some good news and prayers to brighten their days.

Alright,that is all I have for today.

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  1. Game 1 vs. Stanford = We're screwed
    Game 2 vs. UC Davis = Whoooo Hoooooo!