Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Its 1:07 pm

   Just poking about the house today. About ready to head to the store to pick up some items for homemade pizza. What a perfect day for it as its been snowing and the temps are in the mid 30s.
 While I am supposed to be doing chores,I have been poking around on here instead trying to get the lay of the land. I managed to stay on FB long enough to post the link here but I don't know how many will follow me here.
  Radiation went really well for us today,no dizziness or uneasy stomach of note. Of course we know that will most likely change by the end of this week. The only problem of note was the Dave Matthews Band and Michael Buble CDs that I had uploaded on my iPod were scratched and caused the songs to skip. So after my run,I'll delete those two albums and upload the 4 new ones we got over Christmas. Lori doesn't venture out much in buying me new music (why not,I like just about everything!) so I was a little tickled to see she got me the Scotty McCreary CD for Christmas.
  While I dislike the idea behind shows like The Voice,X Factor and American Idol which basicly hands "stardom"to someone who mostly hasn't paid thier way in blood,sweat and 20 people in the club on a Monday in Topeka....I can admit I like some of the talent that makes it to end. American Idol was extremely strong last year talent-wise and I do think young Mr. McCreary has a very bright future ahead of him.
  Just read Amy's blog that she is headed to Beaumont to get the results of her PET scan. Her cancer has now spread to her bones and the mountain has become just that much more steeper. Her blog is listed on the right hand of my blog.
  If you have a blog that you are writing,please send me the link so I can add it here.

Okay,thats it for now.

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