Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Open Range

Its 11:32 pm

  Well if you are reading this,you have followed the link over from my Notes to here. And I like to thank you for that. I am quite new to Google/Blogger and I don't know how this will look once I hit the publish button. I'm sure y'all will let me know and if Scorpion sees this,maybe he can walk me through on improving the layout.
   I have decided to come here because I think I can reach more folks with our journey...I'm taking a page from Amy and Alyce who have created blogs in this setting and are sharing thier journey's with far more people.
  I am a little nervous to be sure,I want my footprint to stay small online but I know there has to be a trade-off ....more exposure means perhaps a larger footprint in the mighty search engines that power sites like Yahoo and Google.

  That said....I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas,we had a great day....we went to Mass then came home and did our traditional Christmas Day...having sausage and orange soft rolls,orange juice and coffee.
While Lori cooked,I made the drinks and got two trash bags ready for the wrapping paper that was going to get ripped up. I set up the gifts and prepare the Christmas cards to be read.
  Since Christmas is just the four of us (yes,Derek and Ginger LOVE Christmas),we try to not open anything we get until Christmas Day,be it cards or small gifts from friends,co-workers and family. It makes the fun last that much longer for us.
Once we have eaten,we re-read the cards we got last year and see if what they wrote for us came to fruit.
Then we open the new cards and the gifts we may have recieved from anyone else before we open the gifts we got each other.
  I must have been a good boy this year because Santa was very nice to me! But of course the real joy was watching Lori open her presents. I didn't have much of a budget this year but I worked very hard to make the most for it. And based on her reaction,I did very well. And that is what Christmas is all about for me,the giving!
  We cleaned up the living room,watched Derek bat some paper around and chatted with various family members and friends who called. We were thinking about going to the movies but changed our mind and just chillaxed for a few hours.
  Then we started cooking dinner...we could see our neighbor,Al,deep frying a turkey. We didn't do either a ham nor a turkey but cooked a roast instead that we got from Detroit's Eastern Market last month.
Dinner was amazing and we ended up watching Iron Chef America before heading to bed.
 Today was nice in the fact we got a day off from radiation but come 6:00 am,we'll be up and headed to Ann Arbor for our 6th treatment,only 22 more to go. We're supposed to get 1-3 inches of snow tomorrow morning so our 36 mile round trip might be a little dicey (and icy!).
   I'll post a update a little later on.....

thanks for reading!

Sharon J. - congratulations on your engagement! Is he a Giant's fan as well?

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