Thursday, July 25, 2013

25 July - Lori's birthday

It's 10:00 pm

  Decided to try doing a video blog for a gentle,it's sort of weird to film oneself and I ain't
much to look at in best of times but despite being tired,I thought this might be worth doing. At least I
am no Carlos Danger...


  1. This is a really brave thing to do on a day that has both happy and sad memories , Its very healing to take the next step to recovering from your loss . I wish you well in the future and do keep up the blog many will be blessed by your sharing with us / them.
    Stay strong and you will rest more as time goes by I am sure . No-one can take her from your heart, as you have said .

  2. Thinking about you daily Michael. It was so nice to see your face. I only wish I could have seen Lori's face. I will one day. I pray that in time beautiful memories will replace your loneliness and that you will find your way toward joy again. Hugs

    1. One day I will post some pictures....she was very photo shy and that is why I really and sadly,don't have very many pictures of her. But one day,we will be reunited again.