Monday, February 4, 2013

Medical Update,Snow adventures and the lovely Kim Poirier

Its 1:20 pm

    Its another snowy day here in SE Michigan. This is our 3rd straight day of snowfall and today's storm is supposed to drop 2-3 inches of new snow. Yessir,fun and excitement here in our area of the world.

Woke up at 6 am to take Lori to Ann Arbor for her labs and to see Doctor J. It couldn't come soon enough as last night after I got home from watching the Super Bowl at my neighbor's house,I sat down while Lori was sleeping in her chair.
  Suddenly she woke up and had a scared look on her face,she thought she was going to get she tried to hurry to the bathroom,her legs gave out and she started to fall,I caught her but it was a scary moment. We checked her port and she commented that she would be black and blue on her legs the next morning.
   I got her up the stairs and into bed,then cleaned up the kitchen and turned off all the lights.
A light snow was falling as we headed to Ann Arbor,traffic was a bit heavy as we got got closer to the hospital. We got to the lab at 7:40 am,just in time for our appointment. I sat down and read a story about the 2nd Hunger Games movie,"Catching Fire",while Lori had her labs done. Then back up to the 2nd floor and wait to see Doctor J. The wait went by fast and then we were ushered into the room,now normally I wait outside but I had questions and so I stayed with her this time.
  Well,the check-up wasn't the good news we wanted to hear,Dr. Johnston can still feel the tumor and wants us to go see another to have Lori's bladder checked. She has had a lot problems as of late with urinary tract infections and I think Doctor Johnston just wants to make sure everything is clear. What bummed me a little bit was the fact the last visit,another doctor examined Lori and couldn't feel the tumor. Maybe its just that Dr. J knows exactly where to go...but hearing "I don't feel it" to "Yep,I feel it" is pretty depressing. And the fact she can feel it means this chemotherapy may not be working as well as we had hoped and that radiation may back on the menu in March.
  The other news also wasn't the best but not earth shattering,our last chemo treatment has been pushed back until next week,her platelet levels are too low for a safe chemo. This also happened last time so we weren't too alarmed. The good news is that Lori won't need a 3rd transfusion but will be getting hydration 3 times this week. We also got 3 new meds to start taking,we are starting to look like some of folks who we first saw when we started this little adventure,we need a tote bag to hold our meds now *L*.
After getting the exam,I went to the pharmacy and picked up the meds and then we left. The snow was falling much harder now and I drove carefully out of Ann Arbor.
  Lori asked me to take a small detour through tiny little Dixboro and stop at the Moon Winks Cafe. Its a very small but cute cafe that features some great food and kick ass coffee.

It has free WiFi and the baristas are perky and very generous,they were kind enough to give Lori a free refill of her coffee instead of charging her. We each had a bagel and talked about the exam before we headed back onto the road and headed home.

Starting tomorrow,Lori will be on stay home rest for her last treatment,Doctor Johnston wants her to rest and try and eat a little more before next Monday.

  A few hours after I started this entry,I hear a loud ATV outside my window,I look out just in time to see a ATV come onto my lawn and then out over my driveway. I go downstairs and outside,my neighbor Larry,who is shoveling snow tells me what happened,the guy was trying to be a "good sam" by sweeping off our sidewalks but decided to run over our lawns to do so. Now I have blogged about Larry before,he and his wife Kathy,are some of the nicest people and in really heavy snow,he will use his heavy duty snow thrower to clear our driveway. His house happens to be at a corner and in the 5 years we have been here,he has lost a tree and had people drive up on and over his lawn. Naturally he is a little defensive about this. But this time our lawn was hit as well.
I didn't see which way he went but Larry did and he headed down there while I shoveled our neighbor Marlene's (The woman who we cat sit for) driveway. 10 minutes later Larry comes back and says he asked the man to not come on our property,he explained that his lawn has been damaged in the past. The dude got cocky and told Larry if he didn't like it to call the cops. I told Larry that I would agree with him if he did. He said he would think about it and went home. I finished shoveling and headed to the garage myself,as I did,a van drove past me and parked by the stop sign.
  I had a feeling it was the guy so I walked slowly and soon enough he walked over and started to try to apologize. I admit,I was pissed....I told him if he did that again,I would press charges. Part of what pissed me off is if the damn fool falls off his ATV and breaks his leg,guess who gets held liable??? Yep,we would.
So I tell him why we are so defensive and suggest he apologize to Larry,he says he tried but Larry was "aggressive" unlike me,with whom he had no problems with. He says the "whole street thinks he is aggressive". Which is an outright lie and I told him that and said if there is another incident,I would be the pressing charges. He backed off,mumbled "sorry sir" and left. He just didn't want to understand why we were so upset. What good is it to sweep the snow off the sidewalk when you're destroying the lawn besides it?
  Since I'm not about to go out on a low note and just got blocked on Twitter by ex-Detroit mayor Kwame "Truth" Kilpatrick (I felt a little like Charlie LeDuff/SteveWilson/AmyLange when that happened),I thought I would plug  one of my favorite actresses latest interviews.

The website site Celebzter just published a cool interview with Kim and I thought I would help push it along a bit. So after you read this,go read it already!
Here is the link to the interview....

That is all for now.....will be back when I can.

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