Sunday, December 2, 2012


Its 7:07 pm

    Just wanted to post something or another today....I see I gained another reader and even got 2 comments as well! For at least one entry,I feel like a real blogger!
  I just want to set the record straight....just because I shopped Walmart on Black Friday does not mean I support or condone their business practices anymore do I support the UAW or Teamsters for protecting sloppy,rule breaking,drinking on the job unionists. Both sides have serious moral and ethical question marks and in my eyes,one is no better then the other.
  I find it rather ironic that in this recession,more American employers took a page from Walmart and have started paying new workers despite their experience or resume,very low wages and very rarely offering full-time spots..Walmart is no longer the "demon" but in fact has become the American business model.

  Funny comment seen on Lock Up: San Antonio..."People think we have a easy,cushy job". That was said by a prison prison housing some of the most dangerous creatures this side of hell. Murderer,rapists,gang bangers,drug one I know has ever commented that prison guards have a easy job,cripes,I daresay its one of the most dangerous ones in America. Outnumbered and always at terrible risk...watching Lock Up has really driven the fact home that the men and women who care for these violent people should command our instant respect.

  Lori is at her store's holiday dinner...they will be coming here for dessert shortly. I helped clean up the house and will be serving as host once they get here which will be in a few minutes.
I'll type in a longer entry tomorrow or Wednesday.

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