Saturday, November 10, 2012

Are you Red or Blue?

Its 11:43 am

    Its a beautiful crisp day here in SE Michigan. The house is very quiet as I type this entry.
Derek is curled up in his "batcave" as it has a thermal blanket that he loves to sleep on when it gets colder.
I am the 2nd day of a 6 day work stretch including a 11 hour day tomorrow. But no complaints,so very happy to have a job and very grateful to my co-workers who are supporting us in this tough time.

   I finally saw a movie I had wanted to see when it came out this past summer. It was "Seeking A Friend For the End of the World" and starred Steve Carell and Keira Knightley. It was labeled a comedy-drama and while yes,there were a few funny moments,I thought it was more of a love story.
 I wrote this after I watched Carell in "Crazy Stupid Love" and "Hope Springs"....give this man a SERIOUS role already! We know he can do comedy in his sleep but he is so vastly underestimated as a serious actor.

  I really liked this film quite a bit. The idea of re-connecting with a loved one when you know you only have a certain about of time left is a question that is a universal one,who would we want to connect with before "the end"?
  A chance to say "sorry","I love you" or yes,even a hearty "fuck off and die"...everyone has someone with whom they would like to go back and address. This film asks that question and also says 'Maybe the fantasy is better then the reality". Not every last encounter might not go as you would hope for and the time wasted in finding that out just can't be recovered.

  Caught the latest episode of "Arrow" last night....the writing is getting better and more even which is a good thing. Still some major plotting issues still to be ironed out but now that The CW has greenlit the show for a full first season,maybe the back half the season will see the creative team relax a bit and proceed a bit slower.
   I mean,having Laurel Lance see Oliver Queen's scars from his 5 year long ordeal on that island is almost as bad as him just unmasking in front of her. When you have too many people know the secret identity of a superhero,it sort of takes the mystery and aura away from the character,see "Spider-Man 2 and 3" as a prime example of that.
   I see that starting next week,Oliver will start to deal with the street level criminal activity in Star City,I was hoping that would happen rather soon

because the "Billionaire of the Week" list plotline had me worried. You really need to have all sorts of cool bad guys for the hero to battle every week. Without that,you run the risk of cornering your main character in a creative dead end and the fans will start to get antsy.
  So I am excited for next week when the Green Arrow meets the Royal Flush Gang for the first time...should be great!

  Talking to a co-worker last night...he mentioned that it cost him about 18,000 a year for daycare for his two sons. As it turns out,we were asked to catsit for our neighbor this weekend. Yep,we get to watch her kitty Crash like we did for a week this past summer. We're hoping Marlene doesn't charge too much for this weekend!
  In all seriousness,I'm really proud of Marlene,she and her son are really making a great effort of not letting Crash go outside anymore. This is a good thing as we need to put some poison out in our back deck area in case any other mice decide they might want to stick around.

    San Jose State's season is starting its final push....the Spartans are 3-1 in league play and 7-2 overall heading into today's game at New Mexico State. This is a perfect "trap" game for the Spartans. The Aggies are 1-8 and facing a unknown future as a Major Independent as their football team was unable to find a conference home after this season.

  While NMSU got whipped by a terrible Auburn team,42 -7,last week....they had a real chance at upsetting 25th ranked Louisiana Tech two weeks ago...they played outstanding defense in holding the nation's 2nd best scoring offense to a mere 28 points in a 28-14 loss. SJSU cannot afford to come out slowly as they did against Idaho and except to just "turn it on",they just are not that good yet.
  This will be SJSU's last cupcake before they face BYU and the same La. Tech that put up 57 points on Texas A&M and is tied for 1st place in the WAC.
  Phil Steele,the renowned college football expert has San Jose State facing Ball State in a bowl game...I agree but ONLY if they win 1 of the 2 games at home against BYU and Tech. While the Spartans have two very good wins under their belts (Navy,San Diego State),the rest of the schedule has been pretty doughy with the weak teams in the WAC and losing by 22 at home to Utah State pretty much negated those two earlier wins. Since the WAC only has one bowl game for sure,the Spartans really need to impress people that they are for real....
  But there is one coolness factor kicking in....looking at the incoming recruiting lists. Most times we Spartans fans never knew who we were recruiting because players never signed with us until SJSU was often the last school picked by players. But after last year and now this year....this has changed. When you look at the lists,you can see that 5 players have already committed to come to San Jose. This is perhaps the most exciting thing to see,now that Coach McIntyre has signed to stay until 2017,players being recruited now are looking at SJSU in a different light! This will really help to add some quality depth to the team and will factor in as to how healthy the team will be late in a season.

 Of course this won't help the hoops team because they just suck...

I have a question.....when you go to a Christmas party,do you 1.) bring your spouse and 2.) drink any booze while attending such party? Can I get some/any input about this?

   Hope you took the time to vote this year. Seems like America liked Obama a little more then Mittens and he wiped Romney out by over 3 million votes. Am I excited about this? Only if the teapublicans can put aside their hate and deep racist hatred of the President. If they don't and won't.....I can see us sliding backwards,not forwards. The real enemy to us all is the mainstream media...why the fuck do we let them get away with this? "Blue state/red state" "battleground state". Terms meant to divide us,to polarize us and after watching the level of posting in my group,its works VERY well.
 Will we ever learn? When will we tell the people at Fox,NBC,CBS,CNN,ABC and anyone else that we are not colors but Americans. When will they help push for the reform of the electorial college and make every state worth the same amount of votes? The bastards keep on wondering if the President and Congress can work "together" when they themselves work very hard at dumbing down of America with the vile crap they keep forcing down our throats and working overtime to further the divide among Americans.
 Just hope we can wake up in time before mere shouts turn to actual civil unrest and violence. Don't kid yourselves,if we continue this path,we will be revisiting a civil war footing again.

Alright,I'm outta here.....hoping my next posting will be a "8 Questions with....." interview with my friend Michelle in North Dakota. This is one interview I'm sure you'll want to read.

Thank you to Amy who left a comment last entry.....that was very sweet.

Can't wait to watch the Fox 2 news this weekend and see Robin's reaction to what possibly could be our first snow of the season! The Queen of Snow will be very VERY happy I'm sure!

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